780mm Set

780 mm / 700 cm2 front wing
380 mm / 175 cm2 rear wing


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Features & Compatibility

780mm – the most radical size in our 100% carbon range. 700 cm2 is the surface of that size. The need for speed in this wing is as big as your need to fly!

380mm – stabilizator dedicated for longer (850mm) fuselage. Longer is generally going to allow you to get the same pitch stability with less tail downforce and therefore less drag. That’s why small rear wing can be used with long fuselage.

Mast 900mm
One size mast that will meet all your expectations. More room for mistakes. UHM layup delivers a very stiff, not twisting mast that will give you a lot of stability.

Fuselage options:
750 mm, perfect for waves and racing with a lot of glide, very responsive setup
850 mm, very stable setup, perfect for beginners and on the up and downwind course

All our products are made in 100% carbon prepreg technology

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