Effortless glide, ability to pump, speed and radical turning are advantages that high aspect ratio wings have to offer.


All the products are produced with Uni Directional High Modulus carbon which gives extra stiffness to your setup. Control, stability and responsiveness are the main factors that will bring your foiling to next level.


Mast and the board plate are made in one piece. This prevents extra torsion and definitely gives
more stiffness and a better feeling of the foil.


The geometry and profiles of the foil are designed to produce a very little drag while give a lot of lift thanks to wing profiles and stability which comes from the geometry of foil.


Ability to change is something we all want to have. Our plane (fuselage with wings) is fully demountable. You decide whether you want to go wave riding on smaller wings or go racing with your friends.


Pre-preg technology is the cleanest, the most aesthetic and what’s the most important the most reliable if it comes to weight and stiffness. All our products are designed and produced from A to Z in Poland.


After years of R&D we are finally introducing our surf/performance wing foil. Highly efficient high aspect design is what we were aiming for. GLIDE is the word that has been going through our minds lately. GLIDE is not just a profile on your front wing, there is so much more. Starting from design, geometry, angles, profiles of the wings and the technology of production. It all has an impact on the final outcome which is GLIDING. 5 front wing sizes, 2 rear wing sizes and 2 fuselages options will cover all the conditions. All made in FULL CARBON.

This foil will let you glide!

Wing sets:

  • 1150 mm / 1310 cm2 front wing 420 mm / 220 cm2 rear wing
  • 1050 mm / 1130 cm2 front wing 420 mm / 220 cm2 rear wing
  • 950 mm / 960 cm2 front wing             420 mm / 220 cm2 rear wing
  • 850 mm / 800 cm2 front wing             380 mm / 175 cm2 rear wing
  • 780 mm / 700 cm2 front wing             380 mm / 175 cm2 rear wing

Fuselage options:

  • 750 mm, perfect for waves and racing with a lot of glide, very responsive setup
  • 850 mm, very stable setup, perfect for beginners and on the up and downwind course

Mast 950mm:

One size mast that will meet all your expectations. More room for mistakes. UHM layup delivers a very stiff, not twisting mast that will give you a lot of stability.